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chaoticprose's Journal

Chaotic Prose

About Me

I like a lot of things. Maybe a bit more than I should. I love TV and movies, writing, reading, making and watching fan-videos, and making fan-art. I also love history and all things related to past eras.

Most of my fiction (both fan and original) can be viewed by request. Fan-art can be viewed by friends. I mostly post about life, television, and movies--though I mostly post fiction these days. If we have something in common, feel free to friend me! :)

Current Fandoms and Ships

The 100: Bellamy/Clarke, Finn/Clarke, Clarke/Anya, Lincoln/Octavia, Kane/Abby
Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: Ward/Skye, Fitz/Simmons, Coulson/Skye (friendship)
Game of Thrones: Sandor/Sansa, Jaime/Brienne, Gendry/Arya (friendship)
Sleepy Hollow: Abraham/Katrina, Ichabod/Abby (friendship)
Orphan Black: Sarah/Cal, Cosima/Delphine, Sarah/Felix (friendship)
The Originals: Elijah/Hayley, Klaus/Cami, Marcel/Rebekah, Klaus/Hayley (friendship)
The Vampire Diaries: Damon/Elena, Stefan/Caroline, Damon/Bonnie (friendship)
Gotham: Gordon/Bullock (friendship)
Once Upon a Time: Snow/Charming, Regina/Robin, Emma/Hook, Aurora/Phillip, Belle/Rumple
Hawaii Five-0: Steve/Danny (friendship)
The Hunger Games: Katniss/Peeta, Katniss/Gayle (friendship)
Austen: Emma/Knightley, Marianne/Brandon, Elizabeth/Darcy, Fanny/Edmund, Jane/Tom

Old Fandoms and Ships

Boardwalk Empire: Nucky/Margaret, Owen/Margaret, Chalky/D.M, Gillian/Nucky (friendship)
Lost: Jate, Suliet, DesPen, PB&J, Charladay
Downton Abbey: Sybil/Branson, Bates/Anna, Mary/Branson (friendship)
Firefly: Simon/Kaylee, Wash/Zoe, Mal/Inara
The X-Files: Mulder/Scully
The Last of the Mohicans: Uncas/Alice
SeaQuest: Ben/Katie, Miguel/Alex (OC)
Pushing Daisies: Ned/Chuck
Gilmore Girls: Luke/Lorelai
Sherlock (BBC, S1, still catching up)
The Borgias
Twilight: Bella/Edward, Bella/Jacob, Alice/Jasper

Other Favorite Shows

The Simpsons
King of the Hill
Family Guy
American Dad
Arrested Development
30 Rock
Big Love
The Riches
Project Runway
Men in Trees
The Office
Tales of the Gold Monkey
Little House on the Prairie
Sesame Street
The Tudors
The IT Crowd
Hello Ladies
Flight of the Conchords
Anne of Green Gables

Other Favorite Movies

Pacific Rim
Little Women
The Last of the Mohicans
Bend it Like Beckham
Marie Antoinette
Lost in Translation
Wes Anderson movies
Napoleon Dynamite

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